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experimental investigations on the fly rod deflection

(deutsche Version)


update in november 2014 – the revision 2.0 is published ! The english translation is out now !

In the revision 2.0 I added some investigations – especially about the impact of the mass of both fly rods and about a casting movement that keep the tip of the rigid fly rod on a straight path. With pleasure I anticipate that all the criticism can’t question my investigations. The revision 2.0 is completing my investigations and all opened (“critical”) questions should be answered.

With this videos I try to explain the effect of the conservation of angular momentum in fly casting.


During the past year 2013 I occupied myself with the deflection of the fly rod. With a commercial digital camera, which takes a video by 30 frames per second, a casting sequence of me was catched and I pointed the video out frame by frame. I compared the conclusions of my casting sequence with the conclusions an absolutely stiff rod reveals under the same conditions. This comparison shows that the flexible fly rod possesses a lot of advantages. For example one advantage is the efficiency, which is more than double times higher in comparison with the absolutely stiff fly rod ! It would be a pleasure to me, if my investigations could help to understand the fly cast better.

My special thanks go to the physicist Dr. Franz- Josef Schmitt for his accurate translation, preface and support.



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My latest videos about the contribution of angular momentum:

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