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when the whip joins the pirouette

Since the publication of my “Experimental investigations on the fly rod deflection” a longer time has passed and meanwhile there have been some discussions (especially on the sexyloops.com forum) about the concept Franz- Josef and I have choosen to clarify the redistribution of angular momentum (we call it “redistribution effect”). The preface Franz- Josef wrote for my investigations expresses the concept how we both tried to clarify the physical relations well and we are still convinced that this concept enables much more people to follow the content than too theoretical approaches using differential equations. In section F1 as well as in annex 2 and 3 of my investigations Franz- Josef and I are mainly talking about the “pirouette” and the “whip” effect in order to explain the redistribution of angular momentum. This essay is going to look with fresh eyes on the interrelation between the “pirouette” and the “whip” effect and how both effects redistribute of angular momentum.



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